Natural Treatment Remedies For Face Hyperpigmentation

Face Pigmentation TreatmentWhat is the best face hyperpigmentation natural treatment remedies? Are you frustrated with uneven and excessive pigmented patches on your face? You don’t have to get frustrated. This article will tell you more about it and the best safe treatment available in the market today.

What is skin hyperpigmentation?

HyperPigmentation problems are common and many are associated with aging. Increase of the pigment normally occurs when melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) are more active than normal. This normally results in the production and deposition of more pigment.

This pigment is also known as melanin which defines our color.

When exposed to the sun, melanin often increases and it moves up to the top epidermal layers leading to pigmented patches and darkening on your face. More exposure of the patches to the sun makes them more persistent often resulting into freckles, age spots or melasma.

Face pigmentation treatment should be geared towards the following 4 key factors:

1. Sun protection

Since sun exposure increases production of melanin, you must protect your face from the sun. Protective activities should be geared towards making sure that harmful parts of sun rays are blocked and dehydration of the dermis does not happen. Avoid extensive sun exposure by wearing protective gear. Use a cream to hydrate and moisturize your face with the right protective ingredients as well.

2. Removal of cellular build-up

Since epidermal pigmentation is often accompanied by cellular build-up on the outer layers, it is important to include removal of cellular build-up as part of the treatment. The build-up may cause dark spots and it is important to exfoliate dead cells to allow the cells to regenerate and take fresh breath that leads to healthy glow.

Use anti blemish cleansing mask to remove the dead epithelial cells to achieve a more even color tone. The mask will remove the surface cells containing the pigment, improving the texture.

3. Proper daily-care routine

This should include the use of a cleanser, an active day cream with the right ingredients to nourish the deep layers of the epidermis. In addition, use a restorative night moisturizer to continue with protective activities.

4. Treatment of uneven and excessive face pigmentation

The patches and freckles can be improved and eliminated by use of a safe product to lighten your color safely. A good lightening product should be potent and safe.

Studies have shown that ingredients such as mercury, steroids and hydroquinone are harmful. Mercury poisons the bloodstream, while steroids produces stretch marks and causes epidermal thinning. Hydroquinone is carcinogenic and can cause cancer. Some of them have been banned for use in some countries.

Some of the effective natural ingredients that are the best alternative to the unsafe Hydroquinone include Vitamin C, Alpha-Arbutin and Kojic acid.

Both Kojic acid and Alpha-arbutin reduces and controls hyper-pigmentation,protects the skin from developing aging and dark spots and also lightens dark skin areas.

Alpha-Arbutin has melanin-inhibiting properties and is derived from the leaves of bearberry, cranberry and blueberry shrubs.

Kojic Acid,is a natural melanin inhibitor and is derived from mushroom,though it is not recommended if you have sensitive skin.There is a special product here formulated for those with sensitive type of skin.

Vitamin C has been shown to improve dark spots, uneven tone and surface pigmentation caused by over-stimulation of melanin and sun damage.

Here are safe products available at containing natural ingredients that are safe for lightening pigmented patches.

Lactic Acid 50% Gel Peel

lactic-acidThis popular peel lightens pigmentation by inhibiting the enzyme that produces excess melanin. It is a mild chemical peel containing Lactic acid, which is a gentle alpha hydroxy acid derived from milk protein.

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Lactic Acid reduces age spots, discoloration and sunspots associated with photo-damaged or acne skin. Because this acid is usually a normal human metabolite, chances of allergic reaction occurring are less likely.

It also contains Kojic Acid a natural inhibitor of melanin. It also contains cucumber and green tea extracts which help in skin healing process. Because it contains lactic acid it is best to use it on mature, dry, non sensitive skin.Click To View Over 400 Reviews

It is made in an FDA registered compliant facility.


Phyto Botanical Gel Advanced Formula


Phyto Botanical Gel Advanced FormulaThis is a safe and natural product containing bearberry leave extract, Alpha-arbutin and Kojic acid.It lightens the patches, reduces skin discoloration and diminishes uneven pigmentation as it promotes an even skin tone.

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It also contains cucumber and thyme extracts with cleansing ,hydrating soothing and calming properties.

It also contains Hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrates, leaving the skin firm, smooth and hydrated.

Since it contains kojic acid, it is not suitable for those with sensitive skin.There is a special product here formulated for those with sensitive type of skin.



Andalou Naturals Enlighten Serum Brightening Turmeric

Andalou Naturals Enlighten Serum Brightening Turmeric

This product contains turmeric, vitamin C and Sea Buckthorn oil among other natural ingredients. It brightens, lightens and tightens the skin by targeting UV damage and hyper-pigmentation.

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Vitamin C defends against free-radicals and also improves pigmentation and dark spots caused by sun damage. Turmeric extract protects against free radicals. Sea Buckthorn oil absorbs harmful UV rays and protects against sun damage.

It leaves your skin having a firm, smooth complexion with an even tone.



Lumi Essence Organic Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment

Lumi Essence Organic Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment

This organic lotion helps to improve skin tone, lightens and corrects dark spots caused by excessive sun exposure.

It contains both Alpha-arbutin and Kojic acid as skin lightening agents.

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Pineapple and papaya extracts in the product exfoliates intensely to reduce color intensity and size of dark spots.
Niacinamide ingredient interrupts the process that causes uneven pigmentation to appear. Included milk thistle repairs uneven skin overtime.Get More Info Here.

It is recommended to use a SPF 30 sunscreen when using this fast absorbing, lightweight lotion.


Using natural ingredients to lighten, without any harmful side effects, as well as making you look younger…is the safest treatment of all times.

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